Terms and Conditions

Please read and agree with the Terms and Conditions for ordering with the Silk Bureau Ltd.

Having submitted an order it is considered by the The Silk Bureau Ltd to be a binding agreement between yourself and The Silk Bureau Ltd. Therefore, your order will be processed according to the content of this form. Subsequent amendments to the artwork or instructions will not be possible once your Order has been sent.

The Silk Bureau Ltd will always endeavor to produce printed fabrics of the highest quality but cannot be held responsible for any quality issues arising from the unsuitability of fabrics selected by the client with certain artwork design types. Digital printing is best suited to multi patterned multi coloured designs. In large areas of block colour or white, there is both a risk of ink spots during printing, lining or ‘mark back’ onto the plain areas during the processing stage.
We cannot be held responsible for any faults with the artwork. It is the client’s responsibility to supply print ready artwork. Please make sure your patterns repeat correctly.
Print specifications for artwork.

  1.        Flattened Image
  2.        RGB – color mode
  3.        8 bit
  4.        180dpi – resolution (min.)
  5.        TIFF – file fomat (TIFF options – Image compression > None, Pixel order > interleaved, BYTE order > Macintosh
  6.        Clearly named. Please use your name in the title to avoid confusion, e.g. ‘Susan Brown 1’ or ‘Susan Brown May 15-1’.


Please allow up to 20% for shrinkage, depending on the fabric.

Any irregularities and variations in the weave of the fabrics are in no way to be considered as defects. They are a characteristic of the natural fibre.

The shade of the fabric may vary from roll to roll and is a circumstance beyond our control, so please ensure you order enough fabric to meet your needs.

Quality control.

On receipt, please examine the fabrics carefully before proceeding with any cutting or useage. Direct or indirect claims for any reason whatsoever will not be accepted once the customer, or any party acting upon their instructions, has cut, or processed the fabric in any way.

Claims for any alleged defects, or shortages must be made in writing within seven days of delivery of the fabric.


Our Invoicing department will contact you when payment is required, either by telephone or email.

There are 5 costs involved in digital printing.

  1.        Bureau time (Comprises of opening files, formatting designs, tidying up and preparing images for print)
  2.        Print price
  3.        Fabric price
  4.        Post and packaging
  5.        VAT

Please see our latest price list for details of these costs.

  • Invoicing 
    • Designers – Payment is required in full prior to dispatch of fabric.
    • International – Payment is required prior to printing.
    • Students – Payment is required prior to printing.