Set 6 - Regenesis Recycled Polyester

Our Regenesis Range is keeping those single-use plastic bottles out of landfill.

rPET (recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) is created by recycling plastics that were previously used as packaging materials.

The ever-increasing problem of single-use plastic wrapping, such as plastic drinking bottles, is now finding an outlet through digital textile printing.

Technology has developed a method whereby bottles are sorted, cleaned and stripped of labels and caps, melted down into pellets and then spun into yarn to make fabrics.

The resulting polyester fabric prints beautifully. Of course, non-toxic inks and the zero waste sublimation printing methods used at The Silk Bureau make this a truly environmentally-aware product. It’s quite astonishing how a plastic bottle can end up as a beautifully soft fabric. We already have six different weights to choose from that would suit a variety of garments. Specifications for each of these can be found on our Fabric page.

To confirm the eco-authenticity of the products you make from the Regenesis fabric range, we have swing tags available. The tags indicate that the fabric is made from a recycled PET filament. Simply hang one on each of your final products when ready to retail. Please note we will include one swing tag for every metre of fabric printed, however, if you need more then let us know when placing your order and we can pop those in with the completed printed fabric. (Subject to availability)

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