Print to product and on-demand with our scarf printing and hemming service.


Our complete in-house
cushion printing and finishing service
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cushion finishing service

Choose from our range of cushion finishing services for a complete print-to-product service.

in-house finishing

We have a team of experienced seamstresses that take meticulous care when preparing your cushions.

Choice of trim

We have a selection of trims available in a variety of colours.


Choose from a double sided printed cushion or a choice 100% cotton in black or ivory.
clare haggas cushion
Credit: Birds of a Feather Collection by Clare Haggas
"I love my cushions! Thank you very much… I do hope other people love them as much as I do – and then buy them : )"
I just wanted to say thank you so much - the finished cushions are beautiful and so well made.

Expert quality cushion finishing.

Cushion Finishing Service

If you are an interior designer or an artist, sourcing manufacturers who can complete a print-to-product on-demand service can be a challenge.  Here at The Silk Bureau we can print your design and make-up cushions all in-house. Why not try our cushion printing and finishing service for your next interior project?

Business savvy!

If you use digital textile printing methods, you no longer need to order large quantities as warehouse stock. Now, you can order what you need when you need them. 

To place an order for cushions please visit our Place Order page. 


Please email for a quote to get your design made into a cushion.

Include a completed Cushion Order Form so that we have all the details of your custom cushion project. Once we have all the information, a member of our Finishing Team will work out your quote and get back to you.

things to consider

Please request finishing when you place your cushion print order.

Get in-touch for our current turnaround times as these do vary throughout the year.

Don’t forget, when designing your cushions to allow 1.5cm on each side of the cushion that will be taken up in finishing.

All your cushions will be finished with a concealed zip and ready for you to insert your own cushion pad. (Pad not supplied).

Details of our finishes - (Pad insert NOT included)

Cushion Details

cushion graphic

The minimum order for our cushion service is:

1 metre per design, per size of each fabric selected.


Simply send us your design and we will create the layout for you.
Here are some examples of how many cushions we can fit into 1 metre of fabric. Please note: The number that you can fit across the width of the fabric is dependant on the fabric you have selected.


4 cushion layout For a finished 50cm square cushion you need to design your artwork at 53x53cm (to include the finishing allowance). The design will fit twice across the width and twice down the length of the fabric.

Total length will be 53+53cm =  106cm

This layout will give you the option of having either 2 x 50x50cm double side printed cushions or, 4 single side printed with plain back cushions.


6 cushion layout

For a 45cm square cushion, design your artwork at 48x48cm (to include finishing allowance). The design will fit three times across the width and twice down the length of the fabric, provided the selected fabric has a minimum width of 144cm.

Total length will be 48+48cm = 96cm (Minimum charge is 100cm)

This layout will give you the option of having either 3 45x45cm double side printed cushions or, 6 single side printed with plain back cushions. 

Cushion Sizes

Artwork size:Finished Cushion Size
Add 1.5cm on each side for finishing.Bespoke Size (cm) Please ask.

Cushion Back Options

Printedi.e. double sidedUpload 2 images
100% CottonBlack

We offer a variety of trims that provide that extra touch of designer finish.

Please select from the following.


No Trim
Knife Edge – Plain seam


30mm Cotton Brush Fringe

Option 1:Option 2: (+50p)
NavyLight Blue
Silver Blue/Grey

The depth of the fringe trim is 30mm. The white holding stitch seen in the images below, is removed after sewing.

7mm Cotton Piping

Option 1:Option 2: (+20p)
BlackRose Pink
NavyDeep Coral
Golden Yellow
Denim Blue
The overall depth of the trim is 17mm. The exposed piping is 7mm and the flat tape used for inserting the trim is 10mm.
Made from Bias cut 50/50 Poly Cotton Fabric.

Pom-Pom trim

Option 1:Option 2: (+30p)

Our jumbo pom pom trim is approx 34mm wide overall with the actual bobble being around 20mm in diameter. They are all well spaced apart with approx. 40 pom poms per meter. 

Zip Option: Concealed (Invisible)


We recommend Dry Clean Only on all our finished cushions. 

Take care if spot cleaning your cushion is necessary. Always test a small area first.

Fringe Detail
Piped Detail
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Fringe Trim Options

Piping Trim Options

Pom pom Trim Options

Printing Scarves


The processes involved in digital textile printing causes the original fabric to shrink. If you are printing scarves, the size of the finished product will be important to you. For example, if you have square artwork, you will be expecting your finished scarf to be square!

To get the printed fabric closer to the size you need, all fabric intended for scarves must go through an extra step to reshape it. Please allow extra time on your deadlines to allow for this process. 

Let us introduce you to the …


The stenter is an enormous piece of machinery that has many uses, including coating our fabrics and reshaping scarf orders.

After travelling through a solution to soften the fabric, it then passes over a flat bed, gripped on the selvedge edges to pull it back into shape. 

It’s a long and precise process that needs to be carefully monitored.

Shrinkage Disclaimer

If you have selected to use our hemming service, we will check the stentered fabric for you before we begin to finish your scarves. If you are not using our service, it’s up to you to check the size BEFORE you cut out the individual scarves from the fabric length. We cannot re-size after your scarves have been cut out.