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Our Prices are subject to change regularly. Please contact info@silkbureau.co.uk for our latest Price List. This will contain the latest fabrics, weights, printable widths, colour and banded prices. To keep up to date with the latest news we recommend that you sign up to our Newsletter through our Contact Us page.

You can upload multiple images and select multiple fabrics for a single Order

Please DO NOT include any special characters in the title of your files, such as @ or é These symbols cause issues when trying to download your files.

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Please select Metres or Centimetres when you enter your length (DEFAULT IS METRES)

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Valid Image Types are: TIFF, TIF and JPEG, JPG ONLY.

Set the Resolution to 180 dpi – 300 dpi
Color Mode: RGB
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Max Image Size is: 200MB.

If your file is larger than this, follow some of the tips we have on this page. If you would like to order a print for a larger image size, please contact us. Please be aware that larger image sizes will take longer for you to upload and for us to download. We have many security checks that the file must pass before reaching us. This may delay your order.

Please select choose file, to select the image on your computer. The image should upload automatically. If not, please click upload image, to upload it.

Step 3 : Image position

The image will be left aligned by default, but you can select to repeat the image across the fabric.


Step 4 : Add more images

If you would like to add more images to this order, please select the Add Another Image button.


File too big to upload?

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We have set a limit of 200Mb for any files that you would like to upload. If you are having any problems with your file sizes try some of these tips:

Make sure your file is flattened. NO layers
Check the resolution (dpi) We accept 180 – 300dpi but if your file is 300dpi try reducing it. This shouldn’t affect the quality of the final print unless you go below the 180dpi recommendation.

Try saving it in a .jpeg format.

Contact us for a single upload link and password.

Step 5 : Submit your order

Your image and fabric choices will be shown below. Please check before sending. If you would like to add multiple image/fabrics to the order , please select the Add Another Image button.

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NOTE: If you are sampling for scarves, please make a note of this in the scarf comments box. We will then ensure that it is printed on our dedicated Scarf printer.

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