Set 4

Adding comfort and ease to figure-flattering swimwear, leggings, loungewear and dresses, The Silk Bureau’s extensive range of stretch fabrics are tried and tested and are perfect for any project.

Poly Olympic Jersey (swimwear, 4 way stretch)195gsm148cmWhite
Poly Igloo Jersey (swimwear, 4 way stretch)250gsm144cmWhite
Poly Erika Jersey 220gsm140cmWhite
Poly Elorini Jersey 130gsm138cmWhite
Poly Darwin Jersey (4 way stretch)170gsm140cmWhite
Poly Dolomiti Jersey (4 way stretch)250gsm143cmWhite
Poly Brioni Jersey 125gsm142cmWhite
Poly Liverpool Jersey 175gsm140cmWhite
Silk Spandex Satin (95% Silk, 5% Elastine)82gsm136cmIvory
Silk Spandex Heavy Crepe de Chine (93% Silk, 7% Elastine)129gsm138cmIvory
Lycra (80% Polyamide, 20% Elastine)190gsm142cmOptic
Silk Interlock Jersey (100% Silk)130gsm136cmIvory
Poly Black Back Stretch230gsm143cmWhite / Black
Cotton Mia Stretch105gsm144cmNon Optic
Cotton Fine Stretch (97% Cotton, 3% Elastine)230gsm140cmNon Optic
Cotton Medium Stretch220gsm145cmNon Optic