Silk, Silk Mixes & Wool

Set 1

Our luxurious, AA grade Silks and Silk Mixes are amongst the highest quality on the market, and perfectly prepared in house for digital print. 

Sure to give exceptional print vibrancy, drape and handle, our silks are perfect for all fashion items, from Haute Couture to scarves and much more.

Silk, Silk Mixes & WoolWeightWidthColour
Silk Heavy Satin30mm (129gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Satin 1010mm (43gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Chiffon 1010mm (43gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Light Satin12mm (54gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Triple Georgette19mm (82gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Dupion12mm (54gsm)135cmIvory
Silk Chiffon 66mm (26gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Double Georgette16mm (70gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Satin16mm (70gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Single Georgette10mm (43gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Twill14mm (61gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Twill 1818mm (80gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Satin Chiffon9mm (39gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Habotai10mm (43gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Heavy Habotai19mm (82gsm)135cmIvory
Silk Heavy Dupion19mm (82gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Light Crepe De Chine10mm (43gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Sandwashed Habotai16mm (70gsm)137cmIvory
Silk Light Twill10mm (43gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Crepe De Chine14mm (61gsm)137cmIvory
Silk Peachskin Crepe De Chine14mm (61gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Heavy Crepe De Chine30mm (129gsm)139cmIvory
Silcott Habotai (35% Silk, 65% Cotton)13.5mm (59gsm)136cmIvory
Silcott Voile (30% Silk, 70% Cotton)9mm (39gsm)132cmIvory
Silcott Light Satin (45% Silk, 55% Cotton)12mm (54gsm)134cmIvory
Silcott Heavy Satin (40% Silk, 60% Cotton)28mm (122gsm)136cmIvory
Silk Modal YZ004 (15% Silk, 85% Modal)13.5mm (59gsm)134cmIvory
Silk Viscose Crepe (35% Silk, 65% Viscose)14mm (61gsm)132cmIvory
Viscose Poplin100gsm143cmWhite
Viscose Chally120gsm143cmWhite
Silk Wool Fine Rib (35% Silk, 65% Wool)13mm (57gsm135cmLight Cream
Wool Fino55gsm138cmCream