FR Contract Voile (Rating - M1, EN13773, BS5867 part 2C)

Weight – 70 gsm Width – 140 cm Colour – White

Always check your contract for compliance levels and suitability. – Sublimation printing on Polyester fabric is also renowned for it’s durability, lightfastness and abrasion testing. It really makes sense to test your next contract project with one of these fabrics. – Check the ratings for compliance with the BS 5852 and BS 5867 (British Standard) M1 (French Standard) B1 (German Standard) and EN 13773 (European Standard)against our latest 100% Polyester Satin, Panama, Organza and Voile options. – As we’ve sourced pre-coated (FR) or inherent fire retardant fabrics (IFR) there is no need to send your printed fabric off to meet safety regulations after we have completed your print order. This minimises risk to the post-print quality that adding a coating may cause. – – Care: Durability and cleaning – Contract IFR fabrics will have a fire retardancy that lasts for the life time of the fabric as it is woven into the fibre itself. Contract FR fabric will have diminished retardancy over time as it is treated with a chemical coating. It is important that these fabrics are dry-cleaned with a non-liquid cleaning agent to preserve the coating for as long as possible.