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This bespoke service is now available for you to have your own fabric printed at The Silk Bureau Ltd.

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PRINT MY FABRIC - Pigment printing ONLY!

If you ALREADY have a specific fabric that you would love to have your designs printed on, here's your chance! Using our PIGMENT dyes we will print your bespoke designs. Just follow the steps below.

Not all fabrics are suitable for digital textile printing, but if it's possible we will do that for you! Please see advisory below!


For a faster service, why not choose from one of our specially selected in-house fabrics?

Print my fabric - How to order

Here’s how to use our Print My Fabric service:

1 You will need to provide us with a minimum of 1 metre of your own fabric PLUS an additional 1 metre for roll-on roll-off and print testing.

This applies to every piece of fabric that you send to us. If your fabric is made up of many lengths, each one of those lengths must be long enough to include an additional metre for testing as well as a metre(s) for printing. 

2 All the fabric you send us will be returned to you. But please be aware that the additional 1 metre(s) will not have the full artwork printed on it.

3 It is very important that you complete this pdf with all the information about the fabric you are sending us. Once completed, please enclose it in the fabric parcel.

Label your fabric and post it to:

Print My Fabric
The Silk Bureau Ltd
Enterprise Way. Vale Park. Evesham.
WR11 1GS

4 Once received, we will use your additional 1 metre(s) of fabric to test it’s suitability for digital textile printing.
Our Customer Services team will notify you of the outcome.

5 Upload your artwork through our website. 

Select the ‘Manager Approved’ fabric option from the dropdown list.

6 In the ‘Comments’ box of your order details, please add PRINT MY FABRIC and tell us the name of your fabric and date that you sent it to us.


To work out the total cost of printing your fabric see below.


Print cost per metre onto fabric supplied by you.

1-5 metres – 15.75

5-10 metres – 13.50

10-50 metres – 11.75

50-100 metres – 11.25

100-200 metres – £9.75

200 metres PLUS – Please call

Plus: Print check and set up charge  –  £5 per image.

Return delivery

Up to 10 metres folded into a DHL Overnight bag – £9.75

Over 10 metres dispatched on a roll by DHL Overnight – £19.50


1. All fabric is supplied entirely at your own risk.
2. Please be aware we will have no previous knowledge of your fabric and how it will perform during our digital printing process. We reserve the right to decline printing your fabric if we deem it unsuitable.
3. NO responsibility, financial, reputational or ongoing, will be accepted by The Silk Bureau. It is your responsibility to ensure the supplied fabric is suitable for your end use.
4. Delivery costs stated are for the return of your fabric (printed and unprinted). Sending the fabric to The Silk Bureau Ltd when placing your order should to be arranged by yourselves. Please ask if in doubt.

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Printing Scarves


The processes involved in digital textile printing causes the original fabric to shrink. If you are printing scarves, the size of the finished product will be important to you. For example, if you have square artwork, you will be expecting your finished scarf to be square!

To get the printed fabric closer to the size you need, all fabric intended for scarves must go through an extra step to reshape it. Please allow extra time on your deadlines to allow for this process. 

Let us introduce you to the …


The stenter is an enormous piece of machinery that has many uses, including coating our fabrics and reshaping scarf orders.

After travelling through a solution to soften the fabric, it then passes over a flat bed, gripped on the selvedge edges to pull it back into shape. 

It’s a long and precise process that needs to be carefully monitored.

Shrinkage Disclaimer

If you have selected to use our hemming service, we will check the stentered fabric for you before we begin to finish your scarves. If you are not using our service, it’s up to you to check the size BEFORE you cut out the individual scarves from the fabric length. We cannot re-size after your scarves have been cut out.