Polyester Volume

Set 9

Minimum orders for this range is 10m.

This ensures that you get the best value with consistent volume ordering. 

Combining the Fabric and Print prices into ONE clear price per metre.

Polyester VolumeWeightWidthColour
Poly Volume - Texture Satin (Min Order 10m)105gsm145cmWhite
Poly Volume - Charmeuse (Min Order 10m)85gsm142cmWhite
Poly Volume - Flat (Min Order 10m)156gsm136cmWhite
Poly Volume - Dobby (Min Order 10m)120gsm138cmWhite
Poly Volume - Matt Weave (Min Order 10m)102gsm142cmWhite
Poly Volume - Heavy Georgette (Min Order 10m)165gsm142cmWhite
Poly Volume - Venezia (4 Way Stretch) (Min Order 10m)165gsm139cmWhite
Poly Volume - Mouseline (Min Order 10m)70gsm142cmWhite
Poly Volume - Soft Sateen (Min Order 10m)80gsm142cmWhite
Poly Volume - Cavalry Twill (Min Order 10m)86gsm142cmWhite
Poly Volume - Habotai (Min Order 10m)80gsm142cmWhite