Light Polyester

Set 5

Our selection of light weight Polyesters are ideal for those clients wanting fabrics with high tensile strength, a highly regular weave and excellent wash fastness.

Using sublimation printing methods that uses less water and waste.

Light PolyesterWeightWidthColour
Poly Heavy Crepe de Chine238gsm144cmWhite
Poly Lurex (95% Polyester, 5% Lurex)68gsm140cmWhite / Gold
Poly Crepe de Chine85gsm142cmWhite
Poly Light Georgette68gsm142cmWhite
Poly Crinkle Chiffon110gsm142cmWhite
Poly Satin110gsm144cmWhite
Poly ChiffSat90gsm144cmWhite
Poly Chiffon48gsm144cmWhite
Poly Medium (Queen) Georgette110gsm142cmWhite
Poly Crinkle Satin96gsm138cmWhite
Poly Twill97gsm142cmWhite
Poly Spandex Crepe153gsm140cmWhite
Poly Double Georgette254gsm142cmWhite
Poly Jacquard Check155gsm142cmWhite
Poly Spandex Texture140gsm142cmWhite
Poly Jacquard Spot78gsm136cmWhite
Poly Organza65gsm143cmWhite

Sublimation Printing on Light Weight Polyester fabrics

Sublimation Printing - Zero Waste

This process is possibly one of the friendliest.

Artwork is first printed onto a transfer paper, which we source from sustainable forest crops, after use it is then recycled through a specialist waste collection service.

The dyes we do use are certificated as Azo dye free.

The dyes are cured using a combined pressure and dry heat process that does not require water.

No excessive wasted consumables involved.