sewing bagsThey’re ready!

You may recall our recent charity appeal post for Rachel Pighills. Rachel urgently needs a life saving operation that can only be performed by 3 known surgeons in the world. The challenge is on to raise these funds as quickly as possible.

We were delighted with the crazy collection of colourful giraffe drawings and paintings recieved over the past month. Our budding artists varied in age from 3 to 60 years. It just goes to prove that arts and crafts really are a fun family activity.

Finally we have been able to put together a design and have it printed on our finest cotton fabric. These reversible tote bags are now available for purchase. See if you can spot your artwork on the bag. If it’s not on the outside, reverse the bag as it may be hiding on the inside.

reversible bagTo get hold of one of our double sided, reversible tote bags just email: or phone: 01386 861122. 100% of the money we receive from these sales will go to Rachel’s fund raising appeal. At only £10 per bag we really think that these are a handy, lasting bag. They would make excellent bags for shopping, sports kit and A4 folders amoungst many other possibilities. As colourful as they are, they make a striking accessory.

We can only accept cash or cheques (made payable to Rachel Pighills) for £10 as all funds are donated directly to the appeal and NOT deposited through The Silk Bureau Ltd. You are welcome to pick-up your bag from our Evesham site or post a self-addressed A4 size envelope with a Large Letter Stamp on it and we can post your bag straight back to you.