Lisa King Exhibition


Lisa King Exhibition photo

The London Design Festival saw a number of unique exhibitions of diverse design in 2019. One that stood out for us was ‘In Perfect Process’. A collaboration between print artist Lisa King and the London Flower School.

The collection was exhibited in a disused church and featured large scale digitally printed fabrics alongside a real flower installation. Needless to say, we were thrilled that The Silk Bureau Ltd services were used in the production of the beautiful silk satin scarves and large photographs digitally printed onto the finest silk chiffon. The entire display was the result of many months of collaboration between the artist Lisa King and the London Flower school who encourage the creative potential of floristry.

To follow the process involved in creating the artwork there are a series of images capturing Lisa working on the project with an in-depth story of the exhibition. To view these go to in-perfect-process. Find out where Lisa gets her inspiration from and how her work methods have evolved click here.

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Lisa King exhibition printing