Printing Scarves

A guide on choosing the right fabric and things to look out for when designing your scarves.

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The Silk Bureau Ltd will always endeavour to produce printed fabrics of the highest quality, but cannot be held responsible for any weave quality issues that originate with our suppliers. Because of this we will always ask our customers to complete and sign a Scarf Disclaimer prior to printing.


Please remember to include a space between your scarf files to show a clear cutting line. This is particularly important if you have included white borders. Please use a pale grey or cream cut line so that it does not show on your scarves.

Choosing the right fabric

If an even colour is important on your scarves, it is best to select a lighter weight fabric from our range. If the fabric is thinner it enables more colour to penetrate through the fibres onto the reverse of the scarf. There will always be a contrast, however, this offers a less noticeable difference between the front and reverse of the scarf when tied or draped around the body. 

Popular choices are Satin 10, Light Satin, Single Georgette, Habotai, Light Crepe de Chine, Silk Modal and Poly Chiffon. For a silk and cotton mix consider, Silcott Voile and Silcott Habotai. These fabrics are light weight, which is good to wrap and tie, although the difference between front and back may be slightly more noticeable than the others.

Think about borders and geometric designs. Straight lines that are printed onto a weave that is not exactly straight may well end up ‘wavy’. By incorporating a larger area of colour at the edges you can still create an effective border that will give more tolerance for cutting and hemming. 

There may be shrinkage on the fabric you choose. This is not a constant and may vary from roll to roll and from batch to batch during printing. Silk is a naturally varying fabric that is woven in traditional ways. Shrinkage is an effect beyond our control. As much as possible, we will take additional measures to bring your scarves back to the original size stated in your order. This additional process will extend the turnaround time for this type of order by the minimum of 7 – 10 days.

Please contact us for our current turnaround times when placing your order for hemmed scarves.

Scarf Hemming

You may also be interested in having your scarves hemmed and finished ready to wear. With a choice of finishes we can offer a neat and elegant edge, allowing the wearer to tie and wrap the scarf in a variety of styles. Our finishes include; Machine Pin Hem, Machine Rolled, Hand Rolled, Eye-lash Fringing and Long Fringing.Hemming machine finish

The scarves will be returned to you with finished edges, including your label and a fabric care label sewn in, if requested. The care label will say ‘Dry Clean Only – Made in the UK’. Each scarf will have been individually pressed and packed in a clear cellophane bag. Remember to send your labels with the order and a drawing if you would like the labels sewn in a particular position on the scarves. Unless otherwise instructed we will place labels 3 – 7 centimetres away from a corner, as is usual on most scarves.

Download our handout on Scarf Hem Allowances for more information on the amount we need to make your scarves.

If you would like to use our hemming service, please contact us for current lead times from us receiving your artwork and order, to their return.

 If you select Fringe hemming you may need to adjust your artwork to suit this particular finish. Please see this video Fringe Hem for best practice.

Prices are for hemming only. Please add these to your printing and fabric costs. For more sizes and finishes, please contact us for details. (E&OE)

Artwork Size Pin or Eyelash Fringe Hem Machine Roll Hem Hand Roll Hem
33cm x 33cm £3.49 £4.36 £5.75
45cm x 45cm £3.90 £4.88 £6.00
60cm x 60cm £4.20 £5.25 £6.50
90cm x 90cm £5.10 £6.38 £7.50
120cm x 120cm £5.83 £7.29 £8.80
134cm x 134cm £6.46 £8.08 £9.50
45cm x 180cm £5.61 £7.01 £8.50
68cm x 220cm £6.91 £8.64 £10.00
134cm x 180cm £7.51 £9.39 £10.53

Tip: Allow approx. a 1cm border that will be tight rolled up to the design to give a ‘Pencil Hem’. Alternatively, allow a 2cm border that will be hemmed to leave approx. a 1cm plain border around your scarf.  (see images above) Please sepcify which you require. See this pdf of Scarf Hem Allowances for more details.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for my scarves! They came out beautiful, really pleased with them. The colours came out just as I had on my files and the rolled hem finish is beautifully done. Thank you!


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for getting those scarves out to us today. They look really amazing and we are really pleased with the quality of the print and hemming.
Thanks so much,


I also wanted to say- thank you so much for the Spring/Summer 2016 sampling, they really came out beautifully (as usual!), and I’ve received so many compliments on the feel of the fabric, and the vibrant colours of the Silk Chiffon Scarves.


Scarf Fabrics
Popular choices are Single Georgette, Habotai, Light Crepe de Chine, Silk Modal, Poly Chiffon, Light Satin, Silcott Voile, Silcott Habotai, Satin 10