scarf willies
leaf twill

how would you wear yours?

100% Silk Twillies are so versatile. Wear them in your hair, around your wrist, bag, hat or tie around your neck. However you choose to wear yours they make a fun and luxurious accessory.

The ones we designed as our own promotional accessories were printed on a 100% Silk 12 m/m Light Satin. The array of exotic foliage included tropical flowers and ferns subtly interlocking with transparency overlays. Most importantly we included our Silk Bureau logo. If you are tempted to print your own design, perhaps consider including your signature or logo, as you would on any scarf design. Just remember to keep the logo on one side so that it doesn’t get folded in half when sewn up.

If you have some additional printing space down the side of your digital file make good use of it with one of these narrow prints. Alternatively as you can get 10 printed across the width of our silk fabric. They are ideal as promotional offers or affordable accessories.

Try them for yourself.

As a guide, here is our pattern template to help you design a ’twillie’ of your own. Fill a 12 x 100cm file with your own creative design. Once printed it can be ‘single-bagged’ sewn, with the final hem hand finished. Resulting in a stylish 45º ribbon end. Final ’twillie’ is approx. 5.5 x 94cm