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fighting fires

hwfrs logoWe’re proud of all our staff. But it’s just great to see that others appreciate them outside of what they do for the company too.

This story highlights the actions of just one member of our staff team. Taylor Robinson. From Soldier to Textile Printer and Fire Fighter, Taylor is living a very active life.

Currently a member of our CAD team, if you happen to be talking with Taylor on the phone when he’s ‘on call’ and he abruptly ends the conversation – it’s for a very good reason. Read what Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service have to say about him.


Printing Scarves


The processes involved in digital textile printing causes the original fabric to shrink. If you are printing scarves, the size of the finished product will be important to you. For example, if you have square artwork, you will be expecting your finished scarf to be square!

To get the printed fabric closer to the size you need, all fabric intended for scarves must go through an extra step to reshape it. Please allow extra time on your deadlines to allow for this process. 

Let us introduce you to the …


The stenter is an enormous piece of machinery that has many uses, including coating our fabrics and reshaping scarf orders.

After travelling through a solution to soften the fabric, it then passes over a flat bed, gripped on the selvedge edges to pull it back into shape. 

It’s a long and precise process that needs to be carefully monitored.

Shrinkage Disclaimer

If you have selected to use our hemming service, we will check the stentered fabric for you before we begin to finish your scarves. If you are not using our service, it’s up to you to check the size BEFORE you cut out the individual scarves from the fabric length. We cannot re-size after your scarves have been cut out.