Cottons and linens

Set 2

Our fabulous range of cottons are available in a variety of weights.

Some of the heavier ones are perfect for furnishings and structured apparel, while others are better suited to soft blouses and summer wear. With this choice you can create anything from luxury curtains to pillowcases, shirts to pocketing’s.

Cottons & LinensWeightWidthColour
Cotton Velvet416gsm138cmWhite
Cotton Voile70gsm145cmNon Optic
Cotton Summerset80gsm145cmNon Optic
Cotton Gabardine170gsm144cmNon Optic
Cotton Canvas200gsm144cmNon Optic
Cotton Vera42gsm144cmNon Optic
Cotton Premium Lawn75gsm140cmNon Optic
Cotton Light Sateen172gsm133cmNon Optic
Cotton Half Panama309gsm146cmOptic
Cotton Fine Twill165gsm144cmNon Optic
Cotton Drill255gsm145cmOptic
Cotton Bonito165gsm144cmNon Optic
Cotton Poplin130gsm146cmNon Optic
Cotton Heavy Sateen246gsm138cmOptic
Linen Forte228gsm143cmCream
Linen Avanti350gsm142cmCream
Linen Oyster260gsm142cmCream
Linen Oatmeal290gsm142cmOatmeal
Linen R704145gsm143cmNon Optic

Fabric Characteristics


Cotton fabric is subject to an accumilation of fibres, also known as lint, that builds up on the surface of textiles. 

We make every effort to remove excessive amounts through our industrial facilities, however it is not possible to remove every small fibre. 

Occasionally lint may lift after the fabric has been printed leaving it’s natural colour showing through. This is a feature beyond our control.