2 Faced Fitness

jog pantsSo who’s signed up for a gym membership this January? If it’s you, then we are very excited to announce the arrival of a new fabric that we think you will love.

This fabric is a must for all those designing for the trendy Athleisure market. With a double faced weave of Black on one side and White on the other, it offers a reversable finish for your gym leggings and tops.

The 230gsm non-see through weave has a great s-t-r-e-t-c-h while still fitting comfortably. What a way to look stylish while you work out and show off that toned body. And, if you don’t want to look like you’re heading off to the gym, simply wear the leggings on the Black side and wear with a casual top. It’s makes a very versatile outfit.

As it has a generous printable width of 147cm we recommend that you optimise every centimeter with a bold repeat pattern to yield the maximum from your cutting layout plan. We will print your design on the white side, resulting in a fabulous bright and bold print. All you need to do now is work on your design.

Get in-touch to find out more.

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46% Polyamide
38% Polyester
16% Elastine

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Breathable Non See-through
Thermal Protection Non Curling
UV Protection 80 – 85% 2 way stretch
Soft Extra Comfort