Nathalie Pellon

Here at the Silk Bureau, we are proud to claim some of the most talented international designers as our Customers. And so, when Nathalie Pellon recently showed us an article in the Tatler magazine featuring just one of her scarves, we were keen to share it.

"Playing with colour and shape is my passion!"

It’s not difficult to see how the beauty of the mountains and idyllic scenery of Switzerland inspires our featured artist, Nathalie Pellon. It is such a beautiful country.

For each topic, Nathalie’s thorough research takes her back to nature. The emotive feeling brought about by natures colour palette and mood, encourages her to create layouts of combined shapes into pattern.

"That’s the part where I feel rich and happy to dive into the design process and create."

Artworks created from her research are turned into scarves, repeat patter fabric and various garments. Along with two other designers, Nathalie opened a unique boutique – “ooonyva” – in the historic city of Berne, the capital of Switzerland, where all her products are available to purchase.

When she’s not working as a freelance textile designer, Nathalie is also an author and textile lecturer. Sharing her love of fabrics and surface pattern with others.

"The way fabrics adjust through movements and light is still something that amazes me every day and I think I have the most marvellous job."

Feature scarf: Photo by Ruben Ung, Hair & MakeUp: Jarmila Kovacovsky, Model: Anouk Ammann

As seen in The Tatler magazine (March Issue 4) the featured scarf is from her collection “conte de fees”.

Snow White and Rose Red is the inspiration for this scarf. The nature both girls see on their walk through the wood is depicted in the background. Contrasting moments shown as peaks, like the thoughts of the two different girls offer complimentary shapes to create the layout. The bear metamorphosed into a deer was Nathalie’s artistic twist.

Video Credit: Thomas Suremann