We are delighted to introduce an ethical new design brand. Sika’a.

You are invited to visit their website to read some fascinating blogs on the history of African fashion as well as reports on trending styles and philosophies surrounding sustainable fashion in today’s environmentally aware audience.

Totally inspired by the landscape of Africa these bold patterns abound with rich and vibrant colours. Ideally suited to digital fabric printing, we adore the variety and cheerfulness that greet us when printing these.

Sika’a has a vision to take their label and ethos for this African fashion house onto a global worldwide platform. With regards to sustainable and ethically sourced materials Sika’a is bound to win favour with women internationally.

Dressing in elegant, ethical and beautifully hand-crafted garments they are sure to bring the feel-good factor to anyone who wears these outfits. We wish them great success with their latest new collection.


Philosophy – confidence, elegance, kindness and strength