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Susi Bellamy Velvet Cushion 2When you want to turn an ugly house to a lovely house you need to add the designer touch. That’s exactly what George Clarke did during this series of the aptly named ‘Ugly House to Lovely House’ TV program. By selecting Susi Bellamy cushions to dress the completed house the whole scene was transformed. They certainly stole the show for the team here at the Silk Bureau. It all adds to the ‘spot the Susi Bellamy‘ game we play when visiting the best stores like Liberty and Heals or attending exhibitions such as Top Drawer in London.

Susi Bellamy Velvet CushionBold, statement pieces provide a powerful accent to any interior setting, whether commercial or domestic.

Susi Bellamy will explore the use of colour in her work through a range of medium; painting to collage to photography. The abstract conclusions lead to digitally printed fabric made into a variety of products. Scarves, cushions, lampshades and now furnishing.  Her background as a fashion editor fuels her interest in creating collections of work led by the fashion colour palette which in turn lead to an editing process. Now featured in the Trend Bible 2018/19, she’s clearly getting it right.

Susi Bellamy - Sofa dressing

Having lived in Florence for almost seven years, a lot of Susi’s inspiration comes from the crumbling plaster of the palazzo walls which she recreates
in her paintings using a plasters trowel for a textured effect. Another great passion is applying marbling techniques as an allover pattern. Whatever the artist tool maybe Susi is rapidly becoming the designer that we all want in our homes.

Join in the game! Spot the Susi Bellamy the next time you want colour to make an impact.



Twitter: @BellamySusi