Who are those masked men?

It’s Vin & Omi of course.

Well what a show! Vin & Omi really wowed the packed audience during London Fashion Week with their Spring/Summer 2017 collection and an exciting parade of print. Using brushed knit, Heavy Crepe de Chine and Heavy Georgette, Vin & Omi recognise the best fabrics to suit their innovative designs.


We were delighted to offer our support by sponsoring the guys for ‘The Dreaming’ show. Each of the stuffed ‘goodie bags’ also had a little piece of Vin & Omi design in the form of a 100% silk pocket square created in collaboration with The Silk Bureau.

pocket square production

We printed the beautiful blue rose and butterfly design onto our 100% Silk Light Satin and pin hemmed each pocket square. What a gift. Just imagine taking away a little piece of the collection after your visit. A truly indulgent and generous way of remembering the experience. To really add shine we printed a full scale version of the design onto Poly Dimout. Like molten mercury the fabric shimmered under the lighting. A stunning way to use this metallic finish fabric was evident in the full skirt of the coat dress that swayed as the model took to the catwalk.

V&O pocket squares1020-11020-2

Nicola AdamsNicola Adams 2Really packing a punch was a finale appearance by Olympic Gold Medal Winner Nicola Adams. With all the light footed moves she used to win in Rio this summer, she delighted the audience with her guest appearance. Of course dressed in a Vin & Omi oversized print of boxing legend Mohammed Ali.

Showing her continued support of the designers is Radio DJ Jo Whiley. She took to the catwalk in this knee length dress embellished with translucent metallic folds sweeping to the floor. She certainly looked a professional as she calmly sauntered past the audience. The outrageous wig adorned with paintbrushes and palette went some way to disguise the identity of this celebrity, but we were looking out for her. Well done Jo. Jo Whiley close upJo Whiley