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What to wear to Wimbledon

Topshop - floral print dressJust as Wimbledon gets underway this week, the weather across the UK is set to be hot and thundery. So what to wear while sipping champagne and nibbling at strawberries?

According to Vogue go for loose fitting but ‘classy’ well cut clothing. Wide-leg trousers and floaty long skirts which all lend themselves to a ‘cool, fresh’ look.

Take a look at the designs we’ve been seeing at The Silk Bureau, such as this Topshop floral dress, £65 at

Fine floral prints on a 100% pure silk, such as our 16m/m Satin uses the ‘Queen’ of fabrics to truly complete the outfit. Silk is ideal in the heat. It’s cool against the skin, breathable and feels luxurious.

Visit Vogue, for many suggestions on your Wimbledon wardrobe.