Long Version

What a winner!

Our scarf design competition in support of Greenfields Care & Support has now closed. We have been overwhelmed by the thought taken by all the entrants to our charity scarf competition. Thank you to everyone who took the time to design a scarf and submit it for judging.

The staff and clients of the Greenfields Care and Support charity really engaged in deciding who the winner was going to be. As the final selection was thoroughly debated with comments reflecting the diverse personal choice, age and life style of all those present there could only be one winner and they had to choose.

The unanimous choice was:


Leila Vibert-Stokes

Long Version

The skilful photomontage design depicted both the full yellow blooms and white puff heads of the dandelion with thought and care. All the judges felt that it was a beautiful way to represent the Greenfields ethos. We couldn’t agree more. Here’s what Leila had to say –

My design focuses on Greenfield’s chosen flower, the dandelion. A transition from deep dark colours to their signature pale green, represents the transformation and freedom one can achieve with support and help through organisations such as Greenfields”

Find out more about Leila when we feature her in one of our upcoming blogs or see her on Instagram:   @leila.vibert.stokes


CAD processing the digital file for print

The designs are now going through the processing systems at the Silk Bureau. At each stage, everyone in our team has endorsed the choice with nodded approval of the print. We can’t wait to get these scarves made up. All the proceeds from the sale of the scarves will go directly to the charity and pay for the products needed for the treatments they offer to those experiencing life threatening illnesses.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the three sizes available, please contact us for details. As you can see, we’ve started printing. Next is hemming. Can’t wait to see the finished ones! We’ll keep you updated.

greenfields in production The winning design going through processing. They already look stunning. Can’t wait to see them made into scarves.