Welcome 2017

A New Year brings new fabrics and new offers.

The Silk Bureau team are back from their festive break full of excitement for the coming year, and we have lots to offer you.

We’ve given the guys in Processing the task of loading lots of new fabric rolls on the store racks to help them work off the ‘mince pie’ bellies. Look out for a new range of Cashmere – for ultra soft luxury, an extra light Chiffon 10 and a Poly Yoga – for the ultimate stretch workout pant. (More to come) The girls are not helping by passing around the left over biscuits and cakes from home! I’m guessing the diets will start tomorrow.

Our new printer is now ready for your production orders. Super fast, super colours, super results. Anyone looking to print on Cottons should give this a try. The results are fabulous.

We’ll be bringing you the latest news with emails and our posts on Facebook. If there are any stories you would like to share or requests to make, please get in touch and so that we can work together on getting them realised.

We are looking forward to working with you all again this year and wish you a very successful and prosperous New Year.

The Silk Bureau Team