The Danish Art of Hygge

When it comes to enjoying the good things in life, the Danish know what they’re talking about. They even have a word for it. ‘Hygge’. It’s all about being comfortable and joyful in your surroundings and life. The feel of luxury silk and the look of bespoke beautiful pattern combine to give the wearer just such a feeling.

Here at the Silk Bureau we are delighted to be working with our representative based in Denmark. Meet Kristine B. Dalgaard at Peak – A – Boo.

These glorious photos of Kristine and her little girl Isabella are a pure delight. Strong patterns taken from Kristines own photographs have been printed onto 100% Silk Satin and make adorable matching Mother and Daughter outfits.

We interiewed the founder of Peak A Boo to find out how her design business has developed;

How long have you been working in the design industry?

I have been working with design as long as I remember. Being a creative child, I began sewing my own clothes in the age of 10. At 11 my father gave me a professional SLR camera and taught me how to set the light and time. Photographing, drawing and sewing were my biggest hobbies which naturally led me to study Design and Sewing in Denmark.

Inspiration came from my time in Florence Italy, where I studied Fashion and learnt how to interpret designs digitally. These skills helped me gain employment with La Perla designing prints for the swimwear collection Malizia by La Perla. A wonderful job that I thoroughly enjoyed, but Denmark was calling me home.

Back in Denmark I made the decision to start my own company – Peak A Boo. store imageThe first collection of dresses used digital prints from my own photographs and were printed by The SIlk Bureau Ltd. They were very successful in a number of stores but I really wanted to open my own. You can now visit Peak A Boo in the center of Copenhagen at Frederiksberg.

Q: What does Peak-A-Boo offer?

At the showroom Peak A Boo, you can see and buy the digital printed collection of Kristine B. Dalgaard on Silk Satin, Heavy Silk Satin and Single Silk Georgette, or be guided on how to do your own digitally printed collection on textiles. By choosing from over 100 different fabrics in the range the results are bespoke to the designer.

Now that I am The Silk Bureau Limited’s Danish & Swedish Representative I have helped other designers to do their own digitally printed collection.

Welcome to The Silk Bureau Limited Danish showroom Peak A Boo in Copenhagen.

By visiting the showroom you can also get your own private Swatch Pack or just look at the bigger printed Swatches to see how each fabric prints slightly differently. You can also see the different hemmings available for making scarves ‘Made In Britain’.

What are the plans for both yourself and Peak-A-Boo?

My future plans are to continue my work in guiding designers in printing digitally on fabric. I would also like to make an online catalog of print ready designs for a designer to choose from, as well as their own custom-made patterns.
Find out more about Kristine and Peak A Boo:
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