Extensive range of quality fabric

Our fabrics are carefully sourced to ensure that we have an extensive range of the best quality fabrics for you to choose from.

Whether for Fashion, Interiors, Commercial or private use, select a suitable fabric from our extensive range to have your own design printed on. 


Silks & Silk Mixes

Our luxurious, AA grade Silks and Silk Mixes are amongst the highest quality on the market, and perfectly prepared in house for digital print. Sure to give exceptional print vibrancy, drape and handle, our silks are perfect for all fashion items, from Haute Couture to scarves and much more that parade catwalks internationally.
* Fabrics marked * will be available as of March 2018

Silk Weight Width Colour
Heavy Satin – Min Order 500m 30m/m (129gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Satin 10 10m/m (43gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Chiffon 10 10m/m (43gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Light Satin 12m/m (54gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Triple Georgette 19m/m (82gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Organza 5.5m/m (24gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Dupion 12m/m (54gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Chiffon 6 6m/m (26gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Double Georgette 16m/m (70gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Satin 16m/m (70gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Single Georgette 10m/m (43gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Twill 14m/m (61gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Twill 18mm 18m/m (80gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Satin Chiffon 9m/m (39gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Habotai 10m/m (43gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Habotai 19mm 19m/m (82gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Satin Organza 16m/m (70gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Heavy Dupion 19m/m (82gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Light Crepe De Chine 10m/m (43gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Sandwashed Habotai 16m/m (70gsm) 135 cm Ivory
Light Twill 10m/m (43gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Crepe De Chine 14m/m (61gsm) 142 cm Ivory
Heavy Crepe De Chine 30m/m (129gsm) 140 cm Ivory
* Silk Wool Fine Rib 13m/m (57gsm) 136 cm Light Cream
Silcott Habotai (35% silk, 65% cotton) 13.5m/m (59gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Silcott Voile (30% silk, 70% cotton) 9m/m (39gsm) 132 cm Ivory
Silcott Light Satin (45% silk, 55% cotton) 12m/m (54gsm) 134 cm Ivory
Silcott Heavy Satin (40% silk, 60% cotton) 28m/m (122gsm) 136 cm Ivory
* Silk Tencel Crepe 14m/m (61gsm) 136 cm Ivory
* Silk Ternel Satin 14m/m (61gsm) 136 cm Ivory
* Silk Bamboo Voile 17m/m (75gsm) 136 cm Ivory
* Silk Viscose Crepe 14m/m (61gsm) 136 cm Ivory
Silk Modal YZ004 13.5m/m (57gsm) 136 cm Ivory


Introducing our fabulous new range of eco friendly fabrics, cottons and linens. Perfect for furnishings and apparel you can create anything from luxury curtains to pillowcases, shirts to pocketing’s. A perfect selection for those designers wanting heavier weight fabrics, with stretch and our organic range has the Global Organic Standard (GOTS) Certificate

Disclaimer: Cotton fabric is subject to an accumulation of fibres, also known as lint that builds up on the surface of textiles. We make every effort to remove excessive amounts through our industrial facilities however it is not possible to remove every small fibre. Occasionally lint may lift after the fabric has been printed leaving it’s natural colour showing through. This is a feature beyond our control.

* Fabrics marked * will be available as of March 2018

Cottons Weight Width Colour
Cotton Velvet 416 gsm 138 cm White
* Cotton Voile 70 gsm 145 cm Non Optic
* Cotton Summerset 80 gsm 145 cm Non Optic
Cotton Gabardine 170 gsm 140 cm Non Optic
Cotton Canvas 200 gsm 144 cm Non Optic
* Cotton Vera 42 gsm 144 cm Non Optic
Cotton Premium Lawn 75 gsm 140 cm Non Optic
Cotton Light Sateen 172 gsm 133 cm Non Optic
Cotton Half Panama 309 gsm 146 cm Optic
* Cotton Lisboa 200 gsm 144 cm Non Optic
* Cotton Fine Twill 165 gsm 142 cm Ivory
Cotton Drill 255 gsm 145 cm Optic
* Cotton Bonito 165 gsm 144 cm Non Optic
Cotton Poplin 130 gsm 146 cm Non Optic
Cotton Fine Weft Sateen 145 gsm 133 cm Optic
Cotton Heavy Sateen 246 gsm 138 cm Optic

Stretch Fabrics

Adding comfort and ease to figure-flattering swimwear, leggings, loungewear and dresses, The Silk Bureau’s extensive range of stretch fabrics are tried and tested and are perfect for any project.

* Fabrics marked * will be available as of March 2018

Stretch Fabrics Weight Width Colour
Poly Olympic Jersey 195 gsm 148 cm White
Poly Igloo Jersey 250 gsm 144 cm White
Poly Erika Jersey 220 gsm 140 cm White
Poly Elorini Jersey 130 gsm 138 cm White
Poly Darwin Jersey 170 gsm 140 cm White
Poly Dolomiti Jersey 250 gsm 143 cm White
Poly Brioni Interlock Jersey 125 gsm 142 cm White
* Poly Venezia 165 gsm 146 cm White
Poly Liverpool Jersey 175 gsm 140 cm White
Spandex Satin (95% silk, 5% elastane) 82 gsm 138 cm Ivory
Spandex Heavy Crepe De Chine (93% silk, 7% elastane) 129 gsm 138 cm Ivory
Lycra (80% polyamide, 20% elastane) 190 gsm 142 cm Optic
Silk Interlock Jersey (100% silk) 130 gsm 136 cm Ivory
Viscose Interlock Jersey (100% viscose) 200 gsm 136 cm Ivory
* Cotton Mia Stretch 105 gsm 144 cm Non Optic
Cotton Medium Stretch (97% cotton, 3% elastane) 220 gsm 145 cm Non Optic
Cotton Fine Stretch (97% cotton, 3% elastane) 230 gsm 140 cm Non Optic

Light Polyester

Our selection of light weight Polyesters are ideal for those clients wanting fabrics with high tensile strength, a highly regular weave and excellent wash fastness.

* Fabrics marked * will be available as of March 2018

Light Polyester Weight Width Colour
Poly Heavy Crepe de Chine 238 gsm 144 cm White
Poly Lurex (95% polyamide, 5% elastine) 68 gsm 140 cm White
Poly Crepe de Chine 97 gsm 136 cm White
Poly Light Georgette 68 gsm 142 cm White
Poly Crinkle Chiffon 110 gsm 142 cm White
Poly Satin 110 gsm 144 cm White
Poly Chiff Sat 90 gsm 144 cm White
Poly Chiffon 48 gsm 144 cm White
* Poly Crepe Back Satin 220 gsm 144 cm White
Poly Medium Georgette 108 gsm 142 cm White
Poly Crinkle Satin  96 gsm  138 cm  White
Poly Twill  97 gsm 142 cm  White
* Poly Charmeuse 85 gsm 142 cm White
Poly Spandex Crepe 153 gsm 142 cm White
Poly Flat 156 gsm 136 cm White
Poly Double Georgette 254 gsm 142 cm White
Poly Dobby 120 gsm 138 cm White
Poly Matt Weave 102 gsm 142 cm White
Poly Heavy Satin 176 gsm 142 cm White
Poly Jacquard Check 155 gsm 142 cm White
Poly Spandex Texture 140 gsm 142 cm White
 Poly Heavy Georgette 165 gsm 140 cm White

Heavy Polyester

From Velvet to Canvas, our heavy polyesters are optimal for interiors, photo artwork and accessories. These man made fibres guarantee a consistent weave without the need for post treatment and are the perfect selection for those wanting an ultimate speedy turn around.

* Fabrics marked * will be available as of March 2018

Heavy Polyester Weight Width Colour
Poly Dimout 290 gsm 136 cm Silver
Poly Trenton 274 gsm 142 cm Ivory
Poly Savannah  300 gsm  142 cm  Cream
Poly Canvas  290 gsm 148 cm  White
Poly Medium Pile Velvet 370 gsm 136 cm White
Poly Fashion Velvet 175 gsm 140 cm White
Poly Soft Touch Velvet 280 gsm 140 cm Ivory

Linen, Bamboo, Viscose & Tencel

This mixture of fabrics are ideal for those customers looking for fantastic colour vibrancy and durability for a variety of purposes.

* Fabrics marked * will be available as of March 2018

Linen, Bamboo, Viscose & Tencel Weight Width Colour
Viscose Flat Weave 160 gsm 136 cm White
* Viscose Poplin 100gsm 136 cm  White
* Viscose Chally 120 gsm 136 cm  White
* Tencel 160 160 gsm 140 cm White
* Bamboo 120 gsm 136 cm Ivory
* Linen R704 145 gsm 146 cm Non Optic
Oyster Linen 260 gsm 142 cm Cream
Oatmeal Linen 290 gsm 142 cm Oatmeal
Avanti Linen 350 gsm 144 cm Cream
Forte Linen 228 gsm 144 cm Cream

Can't find the fabric you want?

We have over 100 fabrics available for you to choose from, however if we do not have one suitable for your purposes you can supply your own. Find out more here.

Get our full swatch pack

See for yourself the quality of the fabrics we have in stock with this beautiful swatch pack. Containing six sets of swatches plus a useful information and pricing booklet.

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Printing Scarves?

If you are intending to turn your designs into scarves we offer a bespoke hemming service for finishing.

Scarf finishing


Any irregularities and variations in the weave of our fabrics are in NO way to be considered as defects. They are a characteristic of a natural fibre.
It is important to allow for shrinkage. Shrinkage can be up to 10% on most fabrics, however for stretch fabrics it can be up to 20%. Short runs shrink more than longer runs pro rata; however this is not a precise science. Shrinkage can vary from one batch of fabric to another.
The natural shade of fabric may vary from roll to roll and is a circumstance beyond our control.
Please examine the fabrics carefully before processing. Direct or indirect claims for any reason whatsoever will not be accepted once the customer, or any party acting upon their instructions, has cut, or processed the fabric in any way.

We strive to keep our technical equipment as current as possible in order to provide the best printing quality in the digital textile sector. This requires us to embrace software and machinery development. It may happen that due to the evolving nature of technology, changes in the colour hues over time are inevitable and unavoidable. We cannot be held responsible for amendments or changes introduced by third party suppliers of dyes, chemistry or technology that are imposed on us and are therefore out of our control. Please be advised that this may affect any repeat print requests over a period of time.

Claims for any defects, or shortages, must be made in writing within seven days of delivery of the fabric.

The fabric journey



As the raw fabric arrives it is rolled for optimum efficiency into batches ready for the next step.


All natural fabrics need to be coated to enable digital printing. Silk and wool fabrics are acid coated allowing the dyes to be absorbed into the fabric when steamed. Cotton and viscose fabrics have an alkaline coating that causes a chemical reaction with the inks. Each unique blend of agents ensure optimum ink adhesion.


The coated fabric is now prepared for the printers in manageable rolls.


The fabric is rolled onto the printers adhesive flat bed for printing with our best quality dyes. For Polyester sublimation the image is first printed onto a special paper and then heat transferred onto the fabric. We use either: Acid, Reactive or Dispersive dyes in our printing depending on which fabric we are printing.


This step in the process fixes the dyes to the fabrics by transferring the colour into the physical structure of each thread within the cloth.

Washing and drying

Our relaxed open width washer dryer ensures that any surplus dyes are removed and the fabric is then propelled through a warm air drying process.


Quality control examine each fabric order, spotting any defects that may have occurred in the process. Any found are sent back to the Printing stage if required.


When passing the QC stage your fabric is packed and despatched using a courier service for next day delivery.

Making up

Now you have your printed fabric, you’re ready to make your designs into your final products.