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Shock News – Scarf Prices Reduced!

New reduced prices for Hand Roll Hemming.

Well that’s not something you hear very often these days, but it’s true, we’ve reduced the cost of Hand Rolled hemming.

We have been doing a lot of hard work behind the scenes to get the best and most attractive rates available for Hand Rolled Hemming.

Considered by many to be the most exclusive finish for a silk scarf, this time consuming hem is, as the name implies, sewn by hand using a good old fashioned needle and thread. No machines, at all.

Our new hemmers use ultra sharp needles and the finest quality thread to create neat stitches along the cut raw edges.  They will select a thread that’s close to the base colour in your scarf so that the stitch is less visible. Even though the hemming uses a ‘blind stitch’ there will be a tiny stitch visible on the front of the scarf, while the reverse is neatly rolled using up 1cm around each side of the fabric.

The volume of requests for hand rolled hemming has meant that we have been able to agree an amazing price point that we can now pass on to you.

Visit our Scarves page for more information on all our hemming choices and some example prices. Please get in touch for current leadtimes on this service.

*Due to it’s nature, Hand Rolled hemming may not result in a perfectly uniform edge.* hand roll hem detail