Post – How it works!

Have you ever wondered how we actually print your artwork? What happens at the Silk Bureau to turn your digital file into printed fabric?

You might be surprised how complex it is!

From the time of your initial enquiry through to the despatch of your printed fabric, we focus on giving you the best service possible. But, the extensive process involved does take time to complete. Not easy to explain perhaps, but take a look at our series of short video clips that take you on the fabric journey through the Silk Bureau.

First is the delivery of 1000’s of metres of raw fabric.

raw fabric

Each roll has to be batched together to optimise the Stenter run.

This enormous piece of equipment is our Stenter.
The fabric has to go through this piece of equipment twice. It is Straightened on its first run and then Coated by exchanging the water bath for a coating solution on it’s second run.

The Batched fabric now has to be divided back in to fabric type.

Batched Fabric The CAD team open and check your digital artwork files for any obvious errors, and then prepare it for print through our specialist software.


CAD processing the digital file for print

The Straightened, Coated and De-batched fabric is now ready to have your artwork printed on.

Printed it might be, but it’s not ready.
The inks have to be ‘fixed’ through an intense Steaming process.

It’s now washed to remove any excess coating and ink.
Time to check the results. If QC approve the print we can finally send it out. If not then it’s back to our CAD team to send through the system again!QC
At last the Couriers can pickup the order and deliver it back to you.despatch rolls

You create the artwork – select your fabric and upload your order through our on-line system – and we’ll do the rest. We quote 7 – 10 working days to get your digial file printed and returned to you on one of our fabrics. Not surprising when you see what’s involved.

For a more details and photographs, please visit our How it works! page.