Pigment Printing

Pigment dyes

We have now launched our fastest ever print service!

This sustainable print process takes advantage of the latest printing technology introduced into pigment inks. We have been waiting for technology to catch up with the quality that we at The Silk Bureau demand in our printing. We now think it’s available and worthy to put our name to. 

From an environmental viewpoint this already makes it a desirable alternative to other traditional printing methods. 

Take a look at the advantages: 

  • No need to pre-coat fabric
  • Print and fix in one run
  • Fast turnaround
silk twill

Durable finish

Excellent lightfast and colourfastness

Our ECO pigment printing offers great lightfast and colourfast qualities. This makes them ideal for curtains and upholstery. Whether you are creating curtains or covering a chair, our pigment printing offers far more longevity than other forms of digital fabric printing.

Faster process times

2 – 3 day turnaround!*

When a fast turnaround is important to you, then this printing method makes a short deadline much less daunting. 

*Always check current lead times when placing your order!



The chemical elements found in these pigment inks means that the raw fabric doesn’t need to be pre-coated. This is a massive saving on energy, utility and therefore, time!

Our fantastic, dedicated pigment printer can print the fabric and fix the inks all in a single operation, without the need for the additional pre-print or post-print processes used in our other print methods. 


As always, we strive to achieve the most sustainable printing practises in our factory. Using pigment inks help to support this ethos.

Just look at the benefits:

  1. 80% water saving (over traditional printing methods)
  2. Oeko-Tex approved inks
  3. Energy saving
  4. Lower carbon footprint.

Know your pigments!

If you are considering trying pigment printing for your next project, then take a look through this list of pros and cons. 



Fast turnaround.

Great lightfastness for soft furnishing and curtains.

Works on uncoated fabrics.

Effective on woven and knitted fabrics, including single jersey.

Can print mixed fibre compositions.

Can print client supplied fabric in minimums of 10 metres, subject to suitability and other parameters….


Colours can be more muted than acid or reactive dyes.

There may be a slightly fuller ‘handle’ to lighter fabrics.

The print is ‘top surface’, so the reverse of the fabric is paler.

Getting your designs printed with pigments

Discover the range of specially selected fabrics that complement our new pigment printing service!

Choose one of our dedicated in-house fabrics

Pigment fabric
Choose from one of our in-house pigment print fabrics
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Know your pigment
Pros and cons of pigment printing
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We are now offering a Print My Fabric service on our pigment printers.

If you have already have some plain fabric that you would like to use to print your design on then you can find out more here. 

the ultimate in fast printing technology

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Want to know more?



Printing Scarves


The processes involved in digital textile printing causes the original fabric to shrink. If you are printing scarves, the size of the finished product will be important to you. For example, if you have square artwork, you will be expecting your finished scarf to be square!

To get the printed fabric closer to the size you need, all fabric intended for scarves must go through an extra step to reshape it. Please allow extra time on your deadlines to allow for this process. 

Let us introduce you to the …


The stenter is an enormous piece of machinery that has many uses, including coating our fabrics and reshaping scarf orders.

After travelling through a solution to soften the fabric, it then passes over a flat bed, gripped on the selvedge edges to pull it back into shape. 

It’s a long and precise process that needs to be carefully monitored.

Shrinkage Disclaimer

If you have selected to use our hemming service, we will check the stentered fabric for you before we begin to finish your scarves. If you are not using our service, it’s up to you to check the size BEFORE you cut out the individual scarves from the fabric length. We cannot re-size after your scarves have been cut out.