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Important Notice

Customer’s Own Fabric Orders

Due to the current staff restrictions we have in place, it is with regret that we are unable to offer printing on Customer’s own fabric at this time.

Whilst we are unable to accept deliveries and carry out the required processing on your own fabrics, please take a look through our extensive range of print ready fabrics. With over 100 different bases in stock there may be one perfect for your current project. 

We hope to resume this service in the near future. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 

If you are unable to find a suitable fabric in our range, supply your own fabric and we can prepare it for digital printing. (minimum 50m required)

Not all fabrics are suitable for coating and digital printng, so please check before placing your order. Our coating service is at your own risk and all fabrics must be agreed with the Directors.

We will need to do some investigative testing on the fabric and so will need some extra metres than that needed for your final printed order.

Costs to prepare and coat your own fabric:

50m – 99m: £2.75 per metre, per fabric base
100m and over: £1 per metre, per fabric base

Polyester fabric is printed using the Sublimation method. This requires extensive heat to transfer the inks onto the fabric and will cause the fabric to shrink. It is therefore vital that Polyester fabric is pre-shrunk. If you wish to supply your own Polyester fabric please let us know in advance whether you are providing pre-shrunk Polyester fabric.  If it has not been pre-shrunk, we will charge £1 per metre to shrink the fabric before printing for you.

For more information please phone 01386 86 11 22 or email us

See the video below, that shows how the fabric is straightened and coated.

The Stenter machine is crucial for pre treatment and post treatment of fabric which are essential processes of digital printing technology.