Oliver menswear designer

Discover Oliver

One of our most recent discoveries is Oliver Reynolds.

Just graduating from Staffordshire University with a BA (Hons) in Surface Pattern Design he is stepping into a professional career in menswear design. Watch out for this name.

Recognising a link between nature and engineering the resulting designs are expertly manipulated into pattern and applied to fine silk.

He describes his work: “The flaking paint, disintegrating machines, reclaimed industrial land and buildings falling into disrepair now being re-evolved into a fresh, clean, explosion of dew like crisp creativity.”

The results as you can see show a modern sophistication. Mixing formal wear, highlighted with colourful silk scarves. A nod to days of the silk cravat and film stars of yesteryear.

Masculine and romantic imagery portray Olivers design style sublimely. Yes, we’re in love!

Oliver scarves