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Now you can wear a Suzanne Welch

Suzanne Welch scarf 1 UK Artist Suzanne Welch has launched a limited release of her new large and luxurious 100% pure silk satin scarf range Suzawelch Scarves, which are saturated with the vibrant colours of her artwork.

For so long the only way to own a piece of Suzannes artwork was if you were lucky enough to get hold of one of her canvases. Now, exquisite design has been digitally printed onto a 134cm square of the finest pure silk. The generous size allows for the scarves to be worn as a sarong, tied as a jacket or wrapped easily around your neck or bag for a beautiful splash of colour.

Suzawelch Scarves are a thoughtful gift. Each one has a story of inspiration, the meaning of the vibrant colours and what those colours can impart to the wearer.

“I seek to share the positivity that colour brings to us through my artwork,” says Suzanne, “So I have used my art to create a luxurious and versatile accessory that is a colourful emblem of joy to be taken wherever we go.”

Suzanne Welch Sarong StyleMaltese Dreaming, Waterlily Blues and Rockin’ Ranunculus are the first of the Suzawelch scarves in this limited release. One scarf design has been taken from each of Suzanne’s three limited art collections: The Horizon Collection, The Water Collection and the Floral Collection. These themes are a constant inspiration in Suzanne’s creative life; Horizons promise us new adventures, water provides us with tranquillity and flowers bring us joy. These exclusive collections will be added to seasonally.

Keep connected to Suzanne to find out which piece of artwork will be selected next to be transformed into wearable silk.

Suzanne has exhibited in venues such as The Cork St Gallery in London and the Paul Stowe Gallery of Fine Art in St Ives, Cornwall.

Suzawelch Scarves – 100% pure silk satin scarves are made and hand finished in the UK and are £195 each. Available exclusively at

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