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Have you Ordered on-line yet?


Try our on-line ordering system for yourself to see how easy it can be. Following our simple walk through stepped instructions, you can get your images straight through to our team ready for processing.

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Choose your fabric, say what length you want, upload your image(s), see how it will print on your chosen fabric, add your contact details and submit.

It’ll accept tiff and jpeg files, up to a whopping 200Mb each! That’s a lot of image, but as creative design can often use up loads more memory, we do have a separate link that we can give you the password for. That will accept files up to 2Gb! Just phone for the current link.

You can upload multiple files and choose a different fabric for each one and all within the same Order. No need for separate orders or even an order form.

The information that it requires you to complete, provides us with all the details we need and when submitted becomes the complete order.firewall icon

Our clever IT chaps have added many stages of security features too. Hackers have a fun time trying to cause chaos, but we’re not letting them get to your files.

We will shortly be offering you the option to register as an online customer. If you agree to register there will be many advantages, such as;

  • You will have your own account and password.
  • Information, such as Contact Details will be stored so you won’t have to input on each order.
  • You will be able view past order
  • There will be an option to reorder from previous stored files.

Look out for opportunity to register over the next few months.

Please try our ordering system for yourself. If you do have any problems using it, please let us know. We’ll do our best to help you.

Happy uploading!