Margo Carlo Silk printing

Graceful Elegance

We would like to introduce you to Margo Carlo; a London based luxury womenswear brand.
With a passion for perfection they are endeavouring to revive seamstress skills and support manufacturing in Britain. Something we happily encourage. We have been proudly working with Margo Carlo through the development of this new range to bring the distinct colour and detail in the digital fabric printing, which is of exceptional quality. Buttery soft 100% silk Twill and Chiffon, brings life to the surface pattern designs, each one with a feline inspiration.


Margo Carlo web image
The brand has now launched the most etherial collection of silk day to evening wear as you can see in these amazing photographs. With a modern take on the romantic era of the silver screen, we really could see Grace Kelly enjoying one of these floating buttery silk kaftans. It’s no wonder that Monaco was chosen as the location shoot for this collection.

Can you picture yourself on the photoshoot for this range? Glorious locations for these glamourous, classical cut garments. Generous silk skirts billow as each step is taken with graceful elegance. You’re going to feel very special wearing one of these. Oh, yes please!

Ultimately, we have a vision of delivering unrivalled luxury and exceptional service through our obsession with perfection. Margo Carlo

You can see their full range at