December Printing Deadlines

Add some dates to your calendar

It’s started to get a little chilly in the mornings and the nights are drawing in. In the words of Jon Snow (Game Of Thrones): “Winter is coming” 

Although it’s early days, we thought it might be a good idea to give you our December deadlines for submitting orders in plenty of time to prepare your files and get the printing back by 23rd December 2016I’m trying not to mention the ‘C’ word.

If you would like to place orders for our printing services, please pop these dates into your calendars;

Last date to submit an order for our scarf hemming service –

30th November 2016

Last date to submit an order for print –

16th December 2016

Don’t get caught out by leaving it to the last minute. In between the planning and merry making, get your designs through to us as early as you can. Our team of ‘little helpers’, will be working hard for you behind the scenes to get your fabric printed and returned to you in time.